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The Consorzio Cavatori Produttori Porfido, which has been operating for over 30 years, is a cooperative society made up of Trentino porphyry producers that quarries, produces and markets exclusively the material extracted from its13 Trentino quarries, all located in the area around Albiano. With its 5 processing workshops, the Consorzio is able to provide a complete range of products and a rich, unparalleled variety of shades. Since 1979, it has been in constant development and step-by-step growth, expressing optimism for the future and the pride of strongly forged team, which works in unison to export Trentino porphyry around the world. The Consorzio‘s products are marketed under the quality trademark “Controlled Porphyry from Trentino” accredited by E.S.PO; in addition, the Consorzio has its own quality trademark, Porfido KERN® , which self-certifies the controlled origin of production. In 2002 the firm obtained ISO 9001:2000 Certification (certificate No. 109920 accredited by BVQI B.V. on 31/05/2002). Porphyry provides infinite possibilities for use in urban features (streets, squares, …), shopping centres (pedestrian zones, stairs, …) and houses (gardens, driveways, swimming pool borders, …).
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30-year experience
13 quarries
5 processing workshops
ISO 9001:2000