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Porphyry Kern® from Trentino is one of the most durable, hardest and wear & weather resistant of natural stones and, due to its physio-mechanical properties and appearance which remain unaltered over time, is particularly suited to external paving and hard landscaping. Due to its elevated resistance to frost, it provides a highly effective solution in colder climes. The versatility of porphyry ranges from cubes, crazy paving, kerbs and setts to stairs and steps, however its defining form is the porphyry cube which is laid in a myriad of historical centre and hard landscaping applications.

Given their particular shape and wide variety of colours, Porphyry flags and crazy paving are utilized in courtyards, streetscapes, pavements, and cycle paths. Paving in Porphyry Kern® from Trentino provides the perfect solution for hard landscaping and urban designs giving warmth and colour to the environment, in addition to a level of safety ensured by the stone’s hardness and anti-slip natural surface.



Porphyry Kern® from Trentino is a quality guaranteed product that imparts an elegant and welcoming look to any environment thanks to its naturally decorative characteristic and chromatic diversity. Ranging from grey to violet to red, and with its wide variety of form and shape, this natural stone blends harmoniously with and enhances any other material selected in the design.


Porphyry lends itself to a myriad of different applications; urban design and streetscaping of historical centres, town squares, and hard landscaping of villas and gardens, creating an elegant and unique looking design, a delightfully eye-catching fusion of porphyry beauty and rarity.


Our Porphyry is quarried directly in Trentino and, thanks to its natural beauty, resistance to wear and high compression strength, meets any design requirement. The incomparable aesthetic appeal of Porphyry fuses perfectly with its characteristics of durability and robustness.


The way in which the colours can be enhanced by carefully selecting each individual shape makes porphyry one of the most beautiful of natural stones in existence. Porphyry Kern® from Trentino, exclusively unique.

ELASTOFUGA® is an innovative patented laying and sealing system for external paving in natural stone, in particular cubes. ELASTOFUGA® amplifies the advantages of using Trentino Porphyry, guaranteeing a more effective sealing of the joint, elevated resistance to extreme temperatures since it absorbs contractions/expansions and rapid drying that allows traffic to pass only 24 hours from applying the sealing. Elastofuga® is the most recent innovation in the laying process and Consorzio Cavatori Produttori Porfido is able to supply this service along with the uniqueness and natural quality of porphyry from Trentino.

A correct paving is predicated on effecting a detailed design, an accurate analysis of the terrain, the creation of a solid subfloor and the precise laying of the porphyry. This is a process that requires a thorough attention to detail and the support of expert layers so as to enhance the unique properties of Porphyry Kern®, its beauty and the naturalness of its colours.

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