Laying   Foundation and ground analyses    
Conducting a thorough analysis of the foundation, both for paving pedestrian areas and roads is always necessary, as is the creation of a sound and resistant subfloor, which withstands loads that subject the paving to stress. For external paving, the subfloor must have adequate slopes, of at least 2%, so that rainwater flows to collection a/o drainage points. The most common subfloor, which is quick to create and highly resistant, is the bed layer in concrete, composed of a suitable layer of concrete (0.2t/m3) in which an electro-welded wire netting of suitable thickness is inserted. More rarely, a subfloor composed of compacted rocks of different grainsize with the addition of water is used. The thickness of the subfloor, with reference to the thickness of the finished floor, varies according to the thickness of the cubes or of the other products to be laid.

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Two books are available at Consorzio Cavatori Produttori Porfido (Italian and English)