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Joint sealing – means surface filling the joints between the elements with a binding and ideally water impermeable material. The most common sealing systems are: sand, cement grout and gravel and Elastofuga® resin. Sealing with sand consists in sprinkling the surface with a thin layer of fine grainsize sand (Ø 0 – 4mm). Cement grouting is made of equal parts of sand, water and cement of R 325 kind. This mix is spread over the previously moistened surface, with rubber brushes to allow it to fill completely into every gap. Then, it is necessary to clean with a controlled water flow and rubber blades to remove the excess material . For Sealing with resin, refer to the section dedicated to Elastofuga®.


For further info please refer to:

manuale porfido
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Two books are available at Consorzio Cavatori Produttori Porfido (Italian and English)